How To Fix Stream Authorization on Firestick

The popularity of online video streaming is rapidly growing these days and is not an exception. It has been the most commonly used video server across the globe which hosts millions of videos, movies and movie shows. In order to access its contents, you are asked to pair your device. This article will show you how to fix stream authorization.

Steps on How to Pair on Firestick

The website URL cannot be used when pairing https pair firestick with kodi IP address. In order to do the pairing on vshare pair firestick, you must need a tablet or mobile device. Here are the below steps to guide you on the process:

  • Using the same Wifi network, connect your mobile phone.
  • Visit by opening it through your web browser.
  • Pair the Vshare server with your IP address.
  • Place a tick mark on the “I am Not a Robot”
  • Click the Active Streaming or Pair option to finish the process.

The pairing is very important especially to Vshare firestick users.

How to Fix vshare pair Firestick Stream Authorization Issues

Below will provide you with the instructions on how to get rid of stream authorization issues when pairing on Vshare pair firestick:

  • Open your Kodi software
  • Click video addon where you can watch your favorite videos or movies
  • Select from the list of servers provided
  • You will be notified with a popup which says, “to play this video a stream authorization required
  • Using a browser, type the URL
  • You need to solve some captchas
  • An IP address for your own devices can be accessed
  • To connect with pair IP address, you need to click “Pair”
  • Click Active Streaming
  • You will get a popup that notifies you that “Your Device Paired successfully”

The process will fix Vshare firestick pairing issues. You can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies or videos for four hours. After four hours you need to secure another IP address and repair with

How to Fix Firestick Issues by Hosters with Captchas

Apart from stream authorization issue that you might be facing while pairing Vshare firestick, you may also stumble on hosters with captchas problem. To help you solve this issue, follow the following steps:

  • Open your Kodi software
  • Click on your favorite Kodi addon
  • Select Settings
  • Click Select Playback from several options provided
  • Click the Hosters with Captchas option and tick Disable

After completing the process, you have successfully disable the hosters with captchas issues while pairing.

How to Fix Firestick Issues Through URL Resolver

Another way to fix the Vshare firestick pairing is through the use of URL resolver by following the steps below:

  • Launch your Kodi software
  • Select Settings
  • Select System Settings and change to Expert Mode
  • Click Addon and select Manage Dependencies
  • Click on the URL Resolver option
  • Select Configure
  • A list of resolvers will be given
  • Choose and finally click Disable

Once you have fixed the issues on Vshare pair firestick, you will definitely enjoy live streaming on your favorite movies and videos. Additionally, before you set out in resolving the above issues, you need to secure a reliable VPN to offer you with better streaming experience.

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