Kodi Stream Authorization Paring 17&18.5

Vshare eu is a big video hosting and extremely popular streaming server which allow users to watch different sorts of movies and TV shows at the highest quality for no cost. Recently hosts have been facing problems when accessed by Kodi users.

Most of these issues are mainly error pop-ups that will prevent you from watching any video content like movies or tv shows using Vshare.

The main cause of this is Vshare streaming authorization error which can be easily fixed. Today we will show you the three working methods to fix vshare eu pair stream authorization easily.

Important Note: Before going to follow the below method once check your pairing device and kodi using device should be connected to the same network (ex: If A device Connected To Z network then B device should also connected to Z network)

Fix kodi Streaming Authorization

This method will ensure that you fix the error with vshare eu pair as fast as possible. This method requires you to pair your IP address of your designated device with the IP address of the vshare pair pairing website. It is a simple method, below are the steps given for it.

1. Once you get the stream authorization Pop up on kodi

2. Type this website address in our web browser.

vshare img 1

3. Now Click the verification box and complete that Captcha they might provide to prove that you are I Am not a robot.

vshare img 2

4. Once you finish verification and confirming that you are not a robot successfully, click on the Active Streaming option.

vshare img 3

5. Now go back to your main Kodi application, you will be greeted by a new pop up which has arrived with a message saying the pairing was successful.

You can now go ahead and watch any video content, such as movies, tv shows, podcasts, animes, talk shows etc from Vshare eu sources without any interruptions since you have paired your IP address with Vshare eu.

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Fix Vshare eu pair By Disabling Hosters with Captchas

This is the quickest method to solve the issue of stream authorization with https // which is done by disabling the hosters to be listed on Kodi that require captchas to be solved.

Once you complete this method, you will see the popular hosters that required captchas or pairing will let you watch and stream from their website without any pairing process. Let us get started with the method below –

  1. Run the latest Kodi software , here open your favourite video add on.
  2. Open the settings column after right clicking it.
  3. Now go to playback, search for the option called Hosters with Captchas.
  4. Disable this option and click on Ok to save all the changes done till now.

Solve By Configuring URL Resolver

In this method you will have a permanent solution to the streaming authorization issue by going through some very easy steps. Thus, if you are looking for a method that will permanently fix this streaming authorization problem and not be as repetitive as the pairing method then follow the steps of this method given below.

  1. Run your Kodi software.
  2. Locate the option settings tab and click on it to open it. After entering Settings, look for System settings and select it.
  3. Change the mode from Settings Mode to Expert Mode.
  4. After changing the mode, find “Manage Dependencies” and select it.
  5. Go through all the options and find the one which says “URL Resolver”.
  6. Select the configure option.
  7. Many popular hosts will appear on your screen
  8. Look for the hoster that says “Vshare eu pair” and click “Disable.”

Fix In Firestick For Kodi

many people have doubt about how do you pair a Firestick with vshare eu pair Its almost same process you just need to do 2 steps extra. one is install the browser and follow the process or use mobile phone to fix this issue

  1. Connect your mobile phone to same wifi network (ex: your Firestick and mobile phone should be connected to same wifi network)
  2. Then open this url ( in your mobile using any browser like (Chrome, Firefox)
  3. Now Click on “I am Not A Robot” Then Fix The Captcha
  4. Once you fix the “Captcha” you have to click on “Activate Streaming” button on same webpage
  5. Once you click on that button it will show a message on same page like this ( Your Device Paired successfully)

Fix With Real Debrid Account

We all wanted one best solution to fix vshare pair for that today I am going to one great solution to fix that paring issue. That is called real debrid option but you have to buy this account and then you need to connect this account to kodi. Once you connect your kodi with real debrid its will almost like Netflix.

Solution For Vshare eu pair not working

If your Vshare eu pair is not working it is because of the one and only reason, network difference. You might be connected on different networks while trying to pair the device to Vshare eu which will not allow the pair to go through successfully.

For example, if you want to watch a movie from Vshare on your laptop connected to your Wi-fi but require pairing.

So to start pairing you open your cell phone which is connected to its cellular network, then the pair won’t work properly and you won’t be able to watch the movie on your laptop.

To fix this, you must make sure that all your devices associated in the pairing process are connected to the same network.

Is vshare eu pair safe? is known to use a pairing-to-a-device method. In the process, it will attempt to connect the Videoshare website IP with your personal device IP address.

Once the pairing process is finished, Vshare pair will have all access and receive information of your device IP address like location, time etc.

This makes it very unsafe to use since it is a breach of piracy when going through the process without any protection or counter measures.

Vshare eu pair is deemed unsafe to use for this even after being known to do nothing after gaining such important and personal information about the user.

Since they track and store your personal information after extracting it from your IP like location etc.,

it should not be ignored because it is always safer to maintain a low profile on the internet without disclosing such information to strangers on the internet.

And even if this information is unintentionally shared, the content you watch through Vshare like movies and TV shows is copyrighted material.

And can land you with copyright infringement issues due to serious violations if your information is leaked by any chance.

To remain safe while streaming Vshare content or during pairing of your device with Vshare,

You can simply use a VPN that spoofs your location with a different location in the world and assigns you a different IP address as well.

Is Vshare Pair best server than the openload?

Yes ofcourse! vshare pair is safer than the openload, because olpair has DMCA infringement issues but vshare doesn’t have any issues like the openload.

FAQ of Kodi

Why I am getting vshare pair pop up on my kodi screen?

Ans: Because you need to pair your device with their server then only it will allow you to watch movies and tv shows which are available in their server.

Which is the best method fix this issue out of above 3 methods ?

Ans: I recommend you to use stream authorization methods because remaining two methods will block video share server. Review


  • Vshare is a popular server all around the world used by many people. To support it’s international user base.
  • Vshare has opened and installed many servers in every major location around the world to help everyone stream their video content without experiencing issues
  • Such as buffering and lag while having a good internet setup.
  • Vshare is a very trusty server which has good and strict security and privacy policies.
  • And measures to allow users to use their services without any worries of breaches of privacy or face any other issues like logging or storing of personal data like IP address information which can give away location, time etc.


  • Vshare is made to be a free to use service allowing scammers to upload and post unoriginal and fake videos with misleading names on the server.
  • For example the latest movie can be the title of a video but when looked inside contains a music video of a random singer.
  • Videos on Vshare are normally known to consist of only movies and TV shows with instances of user’s own material.
  • When these videos are put on vshare to be shared for free, it makes it illegal to watch and view such content on a platform like Vshare and can lead you with heavy copyright infringement issues.
  • Since Vshare eu pair is their source of income, they place a lot of ads in this website which can be misleading sometimes and may link to viruses or just unpleasant to see.
  • Thus, you must navigate carefully through the pairing site.

Which is the best VPN For Vshare eu pair?

People often don’t like revealing their location since it’s quite dangerous and can be tracked back. For this you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.

NordVPN or IP Vanish are the most common and the best VPN for Vshare eu pair and Kodi streaming. This is because they are extremely cheap compared to their counterparts.

It will track the server and also Vshare and Kodi by setting up a new IP address for you which will change your location and other personal information easily with any other location around the world.

Some more best VPN’s you can use and we mentioned them below….

  1. Surfshark
  2. Express VPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Nord VPN
  5. IPVanish

This will help you remain anonymous throughout the process and note help you get tracked by any website.

Final Words

We hope this was able to teach you on how you can fix Vshare eu pair stream authorization errors with all of the 3 best methods given above.

For any more Kodi and Vshare related guides, you can look for it inside our website as we have covered all the latest issues with Kodi and provided solutions for them.

If you still face any issues with Vshare pair stream authorization, even after trying out the three methods above then comment down below and we will make sure to help you out in solving them.